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"   Don’t lose yourself just because you found somebody.   "
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When people treat you like they don’t care, believe them.

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"   I should have loved myself with the love I gave to you.   "
11 word story (via pillsand-coffee)

I’m glad Your last boyfriend had such a short vocabulary, because I’ve been studying how to describe beauty for my whole life, been training myself to serve and love. I’ve been constructing myself to show You the true value that You hold, that I think stars are made from Your smile, that the sun rises just so we can be together.

I’m glad Your boyfriend didn’t have the courage that I do, that I’d fight the years to be with You, knowing that it will end with me growing old by Your side.

I’m glad Your boyfriend didn’t see You through the same lens I do, for you are 20/20 and it’s getting stronger everyday.

But I’m sad, because You had to have a boyfriend who didn’t love You like You should be loved. Because to me, You’re not just a pretty little flower, You’re the whole world in spring, and I’m in love with this season.

T.B. LaBerge // It’s 2:12am and I’m No Poet. (via tblaberge)